Random Note 1: Heartbreak

Heartbreak often feels like the worst thing you will ever experience. It isn’t. For starters heartbreak has never made me silent. Maybe that’s my luck, because some people would say it has. To them, I’m sorry your words were stolen from you, I hope you are even louder now.

It has, taken my breath away, pain so sharp it made me speechless. Heartbreak has made me numb and filled me with so much, I often felt like it’s marionette doll.

In spite of all this and more (let’s not even get to the shame), I am a romantic with no signs of ever slowing down. So either I am insane or heartbreak isn’t the worst thing to ever happen.

Unlike grief in which we grow around our pain, heartbreak shrinks over time I’ve come to learn. It will change you but change is constant. Heartbreak is alchemy and what is more powerful than chaos? You create, you sustain and you rebuild.

The heart is a muscle and like any wound it will heal. Know this to be true and never fear heartbreak. Embrace it because it means anew.

She/her. Baby writer. 20 something. I think a lot and I feel a lot, I hope you’ll all indulge me.