Failure to Launch/ Perfect Time

There is no such thing as the perfect time is what most people say but it’s more complex than that, I think. There is a perfect time but like time it is not limited to only one moment, there are many perfect moments, so you have never missed it. There is also no perfect moment because like time perfection is a concept.

It seems ideal my first post should be about how much I’ve wanted to do this and the many ways I conceptualized it but ultimately never started it. That’s not a fair assessment, my problem has never been starting.

I love to write. Simple, but I’ve never felt like my writing was worthy of being written. In hindsight that’s crazy, it is worthy because I write. I never felt I needed to prove it was good, I had already proved it to myself by how powerful the words felt to me. What they mean to me is far more important than any imposition could.

So why have I failed to launch so many times in-spite of how much I love it? Lots of reasons but perfect timing seems to be where I settled. It was never the right time, something else was always higher in priority for me or I was getting distracted. So, I convinced myself that when the timing is perfect it will come together. As you can imagine that time never came but that didn’t stop my writing. So why did I stop myself?

I’ll get moments when I’m so sure this is it, it being the perfect moment and then I’m back. On the pile it goes. It’s a frustrating soul destroying cycle. So, I changed my outlook, the perfect time is omnipresent. There’s no need to wait, just do what you want, and it will go from there. So, I created this account.

I guess this is also me saying do whatever the fuck you’ve been putting off. This is the perfect time.

She/her. Baby writer. 20 something. I think a lot and I feel a lot, I hope you’ll all indulge me.